Soaps, oils, perfumes, lotions, toothpastes, make-up, hair treatments and hundreds of other cosmetics with outstanding properties were used.

Spezieria de Venezia promotes the use of natural ingredients linked to the Veneto area. The use of local traditional crops is combined with modern formulation technologies and rigorous quality testing, to create unique products that respect your skin and the environment.

In the 15th century, the Serenissima (as was called the Republic of Venice by Byzantine) was the doorway to exotic trade, through which the magic spices from the Far East entered the Italian peninsula: sandalwood, incense, myrrh, amber, saffron, nutmeg, cedar, ginger and other precious ingredients described in the texts of the ancient spiceries were blended with art and combined with spirits and beeswax to obtain exclusive fragrances for the most refined settings.

Our mission is to create innovative cosmetics focused on vegetable oils, precious enfleurage waxes, natural butters and velvety pastes that deeply nourish and restore energy to the most dull skin in perfect balance with maximum skin tolerance.
The most precious ingredients are the essential waxes, obtained according to the wise and rare technique of enfleurage, which allows to concentrate in a few grams of wax the properties of entire fields of roses, jasmine, orange flowers and lavender.

Another area of excellence are fragrances, wisely blended on the basis of age-old recipes, conveyed through  the solid form of the “Parfumo de Venezia”, inspired by the "concrete", where the distilled essence is recomposed in a soft wax, perfect to melt on the skin and to hold the fragrance at length.

The original formulations of Spezieria de Venezia are characterized by a very high skin biocompatibility, as they are selected on the basis of accurate laboratory tests to avoid the risks of allergies.
The result are creations rich in functional properties, with high skin tolerability and very pleasant for the senses.