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During the XVI century there was growing passion in the “Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia” for perfumes and beauty products, and some important books on Perfumery Art, “Notandissimi secreti de l’arte profumatoria” by Giovanventura Rossetti (1555) and “Opera Nova” by Eustachio Celebrino (1551) were published in Venice.
Soaps, toothpastes, hair removers, creams and hundreds of other cosmetics with outstanding properties were used.
Spezieria de Venezia is a cosmetic line designed by skilled craftsmen who study the ancient books of Venetian cosmesis and the biological properties of oils, spices and vegetable essences with modern formulation and analysis technologies. The result are cosmetic creations rich in functional properties, highly tolerable for skin cells, and very pleasant for the tastes.

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