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The secret recipes of the venetian spezialis of the 16th century are becoming new cosmetics formulae

Spezieria de Venezia is a line of cosmetics and perfumes inspired by the ancient texts of the speziaria veneziana art and takes advantage of the biological properties of oils, spices, plants and distilled vegetables, using the most modern formulation techniques.

Innovative cosmetic forms in which water is almost, if not at all, absent, to leave space for plant oils, for essential flower waxes, for butters and for semisolid and fine pastes that copiously nourish and regenerate the cells of the skin, providing an around-the-clock protection. Long-term hydration, cleansing by affinity, emollient, strengthening and elasticizing action at the level of the skin, are just a few of the properties that the products of the Spezieria show, being at the same time close to the utmost skin tolerability.

Fragrances, finely composed on the basis of millenary recipes, carried under the solid form of the now very rare “concreta” in the parfumo de venezia, where the distilled essence is sublimated and recomposed into a soft wax that is perfect for fusing on the skin and maintaining a long term aromatic note.

Essential waxes, obtained by means of the insightful and costly technique of enflourage, that consents to concentrate in a few grams the properties of entire rose, jasmine or lavender fields.

Basic ingredients for the ancient speziale as for the modern cosmetologist, such as grapeseed oil, the essential oils of citruses, the extracts of myrrh and incense, honey, bee wax, the minerals and the oriental spices, are selected on the basis of their purity and activity.

Original formulations, featuring at the same time an uppermost skin biocompatibility, as they are selected on the basis of forefront laboratory tests to avoid the risks of allergies and to reject additives and impurities.

All spezieria products are nickel, cobalt, chromium and cadmium tested.

Smooth creamy perfume, highly persistent, alcohol-free, skin-friendly. Many recipes of the ancient Speziali (apothecaries) included wax, resins and vegetal paste to create solid perfumes highly persistent and pleasant. Alcohol-free formula enables to reduce the note of head of a perfume, that very often is too strong, enhancing the heart of fragrance, modulating on body’s temperature.
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